5 Things That Are Seen In A Maruti Car For The First Time Feat Grand Vitara

Maruti Grand Vitara is the next big deal for the Indian car manufacturer. One of the most anticipated SUVs that will take on the likes of Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos has started to attract buyers already. There are a lot of first things that will be seen in this Maruti car. In this article, we will be sharing the top 5 things that will be seen in a Maruti Car for the first time feat Grand Vitara!

Top 5 Things Seen In A Maruti Car For The First Time ft Grand Vitara

Panoramic Sunroof
Maruti Grand Vitara

With the growing competition from the rivals, sunroof is one thing that attracts the Indian market quite easily. So much so that if you are spending Rs 16-17 lakh on a car in India, you expect this feature. Maruti too has laddered up its game and will introduce a panoramic sunroof with their upcoming SUV, Grand Vitara. Sharing the sunroof info then the carmaker recently launched the new Brezza with an electric sunroof too.

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Wireless Apple CarPlay/ Android Auto

Gone are the days when Apple CarPlay/Android Auto was a big thing. The next advancement is the wireless treatment for the same and Grand Vitara fulfils just that to the consumers. Also, it is the first time this feature will be seen in any Maruti car.

Suzuki AllGrip

The Grand Vitara will be the first Maruti in India to feature Suzuki AllGrip. The AWD not only gets a step ahead in terms of rivals but also helps the driver to get out of a tricky situation in an easier manner. The AWD set-up ensures peace of driving.

Highest Fuel Economy via the Hybrid Set-up
Maruti nexa grand vitara

Both the best-in-class fuel economy and Hybrid setup are the real deal with the Grand Vitara and seen for the first time in any Maruti car. Maruti Grand Vitara returns an astonishing mileage of 27.97 kmpl as claimed by ARAI. Also, the full-hybrid set-up allows the SUV to drive it in electric mode for 25 whole kilometres which is great for a mass market SUV. Beat that!

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Book the Grand Vitara via Nexaverse

If you thought booking your car online is cool, try Nexaverse. Yes, the upcoming Grand Vitara can be booked via Nexaverse which is an online 3D version of Nexa line of car showrooms. Here, you can select an online avatar which walks in a showroom and conducts activities all in an interactive manner. How cool is that?

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