Most Cheapest Automatic Diesel Cars Of India

Popularity of diesel cars has been ever gleaming & now with a handful of automatic cars available, the ease of driving has simply increased. We present to you the cheapest automatic diesel cars of Indian market.

  1. Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS (AMT) - Rs 8.37 Lakhs
Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS
Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS

Cited to be the most cheapest diesel automatic car available on sale in India today. Priced at Rs 8.37 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi) it is the most affordable diesel automatic. Being a Hyundai, it is loaded with all the necessary bells & whistles. Powering the car is a 1.2 Lt., 3-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine that churns out a healthy 75PS of peak power & 190 NM of torque. Gearbox is a 5-speed AMT which works very well in city as well as over highway runs.

2. Hyundai Aura (AMT) - Rs 8.43 Lakhs

hyundai aura 1.0 turbo
Hyundai Aura

Sibling to the Grand i10 NIOS, Aura is more or less the same car. What is added are the creature comforts such as more comfort tuned suspension. Enhanced cabin space along the usable boot space makes Aura a practical choice. Under the hood engine is the same 1.2 lt turbocharged 3-cylinder diesel. Gearbox is a 5-speed AMT which does the city commute chores easily. Priced at just a few thousand bucks over the Grand i10, Aura is another cheap diesel automatic car available on sale today.

3. Mahindra XUV300 (AMT) - Rs 11.14 Lakhs

Mahindra XUV300 BS6 Price Hiked Massively
Mahindra XUV300

Priced decently at Rs. 11.14 Lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi); Mahindra XVU300 is another horse in the stable of cheapest automatic diesel cars in country. Powered by a 1.5 lt turbocharged 4-cylinder diesel engine, VUX300 churns out a whopping 116PS & 300 NM of torque. Gearbox is a 6--speed AMT which is sighted to be a reliable unit.

4. Honda Amaze (CVT) - Rs. 11.21 Lakhs

2021 Honda Amaze Facelift - Old vs New Price List
Honda Amaze

Honda has launched the CVT diesel Amaze at Rs. 11.21 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi). At this price it is the most affordable CVT transmission available on sale today. Under the Honda has fitted the reliable and trusted 1.5 lt turbocharged diesel engine which has been tuned according to CVT gearbox. To counter the rubber-band effect of CVT, it is detuned to 80 PS/160NM of power & torque figures.

5. KIA Sonet (Torque Converter) - Rs 11.49 Lakhs

2021 Kia Sonet Accessories Price List
KIA Sonet

KIA Sonetis a huge success for South Korean manufacturer since its launch. Priced at Rs. 11.49 lakhs (ex-showroom delhi); Sonet is one of the most affordable diesel automatic C-SUV on sale. It is powered via a 1.5 Lt diesel engine that makes 100PS/240NM of power & torque figures. This power is mated down via a 6-speed torque converter gearbox that makes the shifts smooth & car more fuel efficient.

6. TATA Nexon (AMT) - Rs. 11.52 Lakhs

Tata Nexon EV nears Sales figure of Nexon diesel
TATA Nexon

TATA has reached second number in most selling brands in India. All thanks to Nexon which has contributed the most in this success. Although, launched at a very mouth watering price, Nexon prices are now a bit higher than rivals due to consistent demand. The AMT diesel variant of Nexon is priced at Rs. 11.52 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi). Powered by a 1.5lt diesel it produces around 110PS/260NM of figures which are nearly equivalent to Mahindra XUV300.

7. Hyundai Verna (Torque Converter) - Rs 13.47 Lakhs

Hyundai Verna 2020
Hyundai Verna

One of the most selling & favorite sedan of Indian customers; Verna is still one the most affordable C-segment sedan. Priced at Rs 13.47 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi), Verna offers affordability along brand name. It is powered by the test & trusted 1.5 lt diesel engine producing 120PS/240NM of power & torque figures. This power is mated down via a 6-speed torque converter gearbox. Practical & fuel efficient nature of Verna still makes it a top selling car.

8. KIA Seltos (Torque Converter) - Rs 14.15 Lakhs

KIA Seltos
KIA Seltos

Sibling to Hyundai; KIA Seltos has been a grand success since the launch. Widespread of engine options along feature list has made Seltos one of the favorites among Indian buyers. Seltos diesel automatic is priced at Rs 14.15 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi) making it an affordable choice in C-SUV segment. Under the hood lies the same trusted 1.5 lt diesel engine unit that makes 115PS/250NM of power & torque figures. This power is channeled via a 6-speed torque converter gearbox making Setos a delight to drive.

9. Mahindra Thar (Torque Converter) - Rs 15.43 Lakhs

Mahindra Thar in snow.
Mahindra Thar

Surprisingly but yes Mahindra Thar has made it to the list. Priced at a decent Rs 15.43 lakhs (ex-showroom) it is the most affordable diesel automatic 4X4 SUV in country. Workhorse is a capable 2184cc turbocharged diesel producing 132PS/300NM of power & torque. This powered is used via a 6-speed torque converter gearbox which makes this rugged vehicle easy to drive on all terrains. The proven credentials of Thar and the affordable price of automatic variant has led to huge waiting periods.

So how do you like the list of most cheapest automatic diesel cars of Indian market? Do tell us by commenting below. Also go to our YouTube, subscribe & don't forget to press the bell icon for all the latest updates of automotive industry.

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