Enigma EV Opens Three EV Showrooms In Pune - Read Details

  • Enigma EV opened three showrooms in Pune
  • The brand sells low-speed and high-speed electric scooters

Enigma, a Madhya Pradesh-based EV producer, has announced the opening of three EV dealership showrooms in Pune. The showrooms at Sinhagad Road, Hadapsar, and Vishant Wadi will operate under the dealership names Chikhale Motors Enigma and Goyal Enigma, respectively. Enigma's broad selection of "Made in India" smart electric scooters, which are ideal for long-distance commuters, students, ladies, and gig workers, will be shown in all showrooms.

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Enigma EV Product Portfolio

Enigma EV

Enigma has a focused product range in the low-speed segment that consists of electric scooters including the Ambier, Crink, GT 450, and Loader, all of which include features catered to end users like regenerative braking and customisable batteries. The business recently unveiled their flagship killer in the high-speed category, which also comprises Crink+, Crink Pro, GT 450, and N8, in an effort to broaden its product line.

On the launch of the showroomMr. Anmol Bohre, Managing Director, Enigmasaid, ?We take great pride in setting up three showrooms in Pune at the same time to provide our valued customers with top-of-the-line and sustainable electric mobility. We are steadily increasing our competence through innovation and have aggressive expansion plans to broaden our pan-India visibility as well as cater to the rising EV demand. With the potency to build EV two-wheelers for every segment of the market, Enigma is poised to become the cornerstone of India?s EV dream.

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The new showrooms include state-of-the-art LED screens and touch-and-feel technologies for the optimum customer experience. Customers can also obtain a 360-degree view of the product's parts, including the battery cell, the charger PCB, and the controller Mosfet, inEnigma's first-of-its-kind experience zone.

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