Hyundai To Launch Hyundai Home For Selective Markets - Read To Know More

Hyundai is ready to introduce Hyundai Home, an absolutely new and unique idea in the market. Hyundai will install a clean energy ecosystem that would permit its customers to access EV charging and solar energy from the homes itself. This will take place with the help of solar panels, best-in-segment home charging system, and energy storage systems through a one-stop marketplace platform. 

To walk customers through the Hyundai Home journey is aimed at experiencing sustainable smart solutions through your own purchasing process. It will be launched in particular markets by 2022. 

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Olabisi Boyle, Vice President, Product Planner and Marketing Strategy head said, ?The goal of the Hyundai Home energy ecosystem is to provide an end-to-end mobility solution that lowers the barriers to EV adoption and gives customers dependable, industry-leading, clean electric power, and the ability to charge their electric vehicle at home.? 

Hyundai Home

He further added, ?With Hyundai Home, Hyundai is delivering a seamless EV ownership experience that empowers consumers to adopt eco-friendly technologies in the manner that best fits their lifestyles.?

Hyundai is planning to consolidate its electrification experience at homes instead of offering a variety of brands or products to choose from. The company wants to leave it to the owner to analyse and see the management and integration of a system by selecting the best suitable products to guide its customers how to create a Hyundai Home solution optimised for each and every customer?s energy needs. 

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This concept will be enjoyed by the customers and Hyundai will offer best warranty plans as compared to its competitors as the automotive giant is offering with its cars line-up. The Hyundai Home will feature emission-free energy production, customers reliability, protection from outages, storage, and powerful home charging station. This unique system will work with all sorts of electric vehicles and PHEV variants.

As it is seen the public has gradually started making a shift towards electric mobility, whereas keeping this in mind, Hyundai recognised this EV adoption and decided to introduce this integrated clean energy ecosystem. It will provide an end-to-end mobility that will reduce the barriers and restrictions for EV adoption providing the customers industry-leading independent clean electric power.

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