Kawasaki Ninja 400 vs KTM RC390 - Which 400cc faired bike to buy?

With the return of the BS6 compliant Ninja 400 having occurred recently. Here is a comparison of the Ninja 400 vs the KTM RC390 to help you decide and pick the right 400cc entry-level faired sports bike

Engines - Ninja 400 vs RC390

Model Ninja 400RC390
CC and Cylinders399cc, twin-cylinder 373cc, single-cylinder
Power 44.7 hp @ 10,000 rpm 42?hp @ 9500?rpm
Torque 37 Nm @ 8000 rpm 37 Nm @ 6800 rpm
Gearbox6-speed 6-speed

Both the bikes are very similar in terms of power and torque figures, however, it's the RC390 that makes power and torque at a lower rpm compared to the Ninja which gives it better tractability. Although it is important to note that the presence of an extra cylinder in the Ninja will mean better refinement.

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Kawasaki Ninja 400


Model Ninja 400RC390
Wheelbase1370 mm1340 mm
Kerb Weight168 kg 165 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity14 liters 13.7 liters
Ground clearance 140 mm158 mm
Seat height785 mm 820 mm

Both bikes are on an even keel in terms of weight. However, the RC390 has a slightly higher ground clearance which is a boon on Indian roads, but that also comes with a slightly higher seat height. Ninja on the other hand has a lower seat height but a correspondingly lower ground clearance as well.

Brakes and Suspension
Model Ninja 400 RC 390
Front suspension120 mm 120 mm
Rear Suspension130 mm 150 mm
Front disc size 286 mm 320 mm
Rear disc size 193 mm230 mm

While the front suspension on both bikes has the same amount of travel, it is the rear suspension of the RC390 that has greater travel at 150 mm. The brakes of the RC390 too are bigger than the Ninja 400 at 320 mm for the front and 230 mm for the rear respectively.

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2022 KTM RC 390

Pricing and conclusion

The BS6-compliant Ninja 400 is priced at Rs 4.99 lakhs (ex-showroom) which is quite a bit of a premium over the KTM RC390. The RC390 is priced at Rs 3.12 lakhs (ex-showroom).

The Ninja 400 will appeal to those who want a bike that's unique yet easy to manage along with the refinement of the twin-cylinder engine whereas the RC 390 will be the pick for most of the buyers due to its value for money quotient along with the peace of mind of that the Bajaj-KTM network provides in terms of after-sales.

This was our comparison of the Ninja 400 vs the KTM RC390. Let us know which of the two bikes will be your pick in the comments below.

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