Kolkata Traffic Police Fine Can Now Be Paid At A 50% Discount

Kolkata Traffic Police Fines that are pending can be paid now at a special one-time discount of 50%. The new offer is valid only till 11 February 2023.

  • The new discount offer is only for pending old fines
  • The offer is valid only till 11 February
  • 'Access To Justice For All' scheme

If you've any pending traffic police fines in Kolkata, here is good news. The pending Kolkata Traffic Police fine can now be paid at a special discount. Kolkata's traffic police department is now offering a flat 50% discount on pending/old fines. Read more details about this special one-time offer below.

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Kolkata Traffic Police Fine Discount Offer Details

Kolkata Traffic Police Fine

As per the official details, the traffic department of Kolkata has been requested by the Karnataka State Legal Service Authority. As per this request, the department has issued this new discount offer. The consumers who have pending fines under Kolkata's traffic department get the benefit of this scheme. Called 'Access To Justice For All', this discount is offering a 50 percent flat on the total pending fine payment.

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However, this is not the first time that such an offer has been passed out. In the past also, Kolkata's traffic department has offered such schemes. It is a known fact that to help close the fiscal year for departments such schemes are passed. Meanwhile, it is also beneficial for customers who have pending fines left for any reason. A few months back, Delhi Traffic Police Department also passed such a discount offer. Speaking of the current offer by Kolkata Traffic Police, the last valid date for claiming it is 11 February 2023.


While such discount offers look intimidating, we at 91Wheels strongly recommend following traffic rules. Traffic laws have been constructed for passenger safety & hence help directly you & your family. However, by any chance any rule is broken; make sure to learn & never repeat it for safe road travel.

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