Maruti Suzuki Dzire At No.1, Beats Tigor, Amaze: Compact Sedans 2022

Going neck to neck with the sales of SUVs in the Indian Market are the compact sedans. Many believed that the new world order is of the compact SUVs, which is true in most scenarios, but this isn't the death of the sedan segment. This is something that the sales number reinforces. The sub-4 meter sedan segment is flourishing with some competitive numbers. The leader is the Maruti Suzuki Dzire, with more than 50%market shares under its belt.

What are the rankings for the sales chart 2023? Let's get into it.

1. Maruti Suzuki Dzire At No.1 Spot

Maruti sUZUKI Dzire
Price for the Dzire starts from Rs. 6.24 lakhs

The Maruti Suzuki Dzire claimed the top spot in sales for the year 2022. Out of the total sales of 3,01,872, Dzire alone clocked sales of 1,59,919, which is a whopping 52% approx. The second best seller in the list is more than 1 lakh units behind. This is enough to assert that this is a space very much owned by Maruti at this point in time.

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2. Tata Tigor At No.2, Far Behind Maruti Suzuki Dzire

2021 tata tigor ev review-images front three quarters
Tigor Prices start from Rs. 6.10 lakhs

The spots after No.1 are not very far. Actually, they are rather close. So a distant second after the Dzire and a close one before the 3rd spot is Tata Tigor. It clocked a total number of 48,349 units in 2022, translating into a 16% market share only.

3. Hyundai Aura

2023 Hyundai Aura Facelift prices start at Rs. 6.30 lakhs

Hyundai Aura stood at the 3rd spot with a sale of 47,076 units. The difference very less compared to the Tata Tigor. This converts in percentage to a close 15.59%. Interstingly, Aura recieved a facelift in January 2023, introducing a more feature loaded and safety enhanced version. Some features, even being the segment first. This could result in the sales of Hyundai Aura 2023 shooting past that of the Tata Tigor.

4. Honda Amaze

Honda Amaze price starts at Rs. 6.63 lakhs

Honda Amaze slipped to the 4th spot with a total of 46,528 units sold converting into a 15.49 % market share. The spots from 2nd to 4th have a very little difference and the rankings could be different in 2023.

Summarising the list with market share

  1. Maruti Suzuki Dzire - 52%
  2. Tata Tigor- 16% approx
  3. Hyundai Aura- 15.5 % approx
  4. Honda Amaze- 15.5 % approx

VERDICT- Sales never lie and Looking at the numbers for 2022, we can easily decipher who rules this segment. It is the Maruti Dzire, and that too by a far greater margin than any of the other rivals. The rest seem to be fighting for the second, third and the fourth spot. But there is one that could potentially rise up to challange Dzire, that is the Facelifted Hyundai Aura 2023, which is a very solid offering from Hyundai, but it would still be an uphill battle. Want to know how the Hyundai Aura 2023 fares with the Maruti Suzuki Dzire. Read our comparison in the link below for better understanding.

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