Planning To Buy A Tork Kratos Electric, Here's Why Now Is The Best Time

  • Tork Kratos is applicable for exchange offers
  • The brand has partnered with CredR to provide the exchange scheme
  • As of now the offer is applicable in Pune & Bengaluru only

Tork Motor has partnered with CredR, a two-wheeler buying and selling platform, to give offers for their Kratos electric motorcycle. CredR will assist the consumers in exchanging their old two-wheeler when purchasing a Tork Kratos electric motorcycle as part of this cooperation. The electric motorcycles Kratos is available in two variants Standard & Kratos R. Customers only in Pune & Bengaluru can presently take advantage of this promotion.

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Tork Motors Exchange Offer

Tork Kratos

By going to CredR's official website, clients can take advantage of the new exchange offer. Following the submission of an exchange request, CredR's team will inspect the car in accordance with their patented examination on more than 120 checkpoints to determine the best value for the vehicle. Following the examination, a price will be given for the old vehicle, and that amount will be subtracted from the price of the new Tork electric motorcycle.

When comparing the Tork Kratos regular and Kratos R, the normal Kratos has less features and less power whereas the Kratos R has both more features and power. The standard Kratos produces 10 bhp of power and a maximum torque of 28 Nm withits 7.5 kW electric motor and 4 kWh battery. The Tork Kratos R's axial flux motor, which has the4 kWh battery and 9 kW motor and has a maximum power output of 12 bhp and a peak torque output of 38 Nm, is one of the most obvious differences between the basic and high-performance variants.

Tork Kratos

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The motorcyclescan travel 120 kilometres in eco mode, 100 kilometres in city mode, and 70 kilometres in sport mode, with an IDC range of 180 kilometres. Regenerative braking, an anti-theft system, USB charging, collision warning, and numerous drive modes with the ability to go backwards are among of the characteristics shared by the Kratos siblings. The charging network and telematic services like geo-fencing, find my vehicle, and vehicle diagnostics are also free for the Kratos R for two years.

Tork Kratos Pricing

The Tork Kratos is priced at Rs. 1.22 lakh, while the Kratos R costs Rs. 1.37 lakh (ex-showroom, Pune). The Kratos R is available in Red, White, Blue, and Black, as opposed to the Kratos, which is only available in White.

Verdict: With this new exchange offer, Tork Motors will be able to attract more customers. Additionally, the partnership with CredR will make it simpler for prospective buyers to trade in their old two-wheeler and purchase the new Tork Kratos electric motorcycle.

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