Top Five Kia Seltos Aftermarket Alloy Wheels Design - Images

Update - 26/04/2021 - The prices of Kia Seltos now starts from Rs 9.90 lakh and the top model fetches Rs 17.66 lakh, ex-showroom, Delhi.

Kia Seltos is one BADASS mid-size SUV. Nope, we don't say it but its tagline itself portrays the image and then the sales number. Ever since the SUV has been launched, its sales have usually been the highest in the segment and have even beaten the popular Hyundai Creta. The design appeals to many people and it provides loads of features. Today, we will cover a total of 5 badass aftermarket alloy wheels design that suits the Kia Seltos even better!

Before we proceed further, Kia Motors itself provides 17-inch machine-cut alloy wheels, however, we have some of the aftermarket options which comes with 20-inch too. Let's have a look at some of these designs which are available across India

20-inch RPM Wheels By Velocity Tyres

Kia Seltos Alloy Wheels Image

Finished in silver machined one this 7-spoke 20-inch alloy wheel looks prefect on the Kia Seltos. This one is a top-end model which gets LED headlight design and DRLs. The silver finished alloy wheels looks fantastic with the pearl white Seltos and does justice to the design. The only downside is that the suspension will rule out in a few years if the SUV is not driven on proper roads. Well, it is the customers wish who want to modify their SUV and we think that it looks super cool.

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19-inch Five Spoke Silver Alloy Wheels

Kia Seltos Alloy Wheels Image

These are again from the Velocity tyres but are now downsized. The design is similar to the 20-incher but these sit on 19-inch and RPM wheels. The five-spoke design looks better and it is not about the looks but these are even easier to maintain. Of course, the ride quality deteriorates but that does not stop the customer from getting these fancy shoes.

Kia Seltos 17-inch Black Alloys

Now, this one is a looker because of the contrasting alloy wheels. The red body paint and these 17-inch hyper black alloy wheels really make the Seltos a badass. It is measured in 215/60 R17 and wrapped in Goodyear assurance triple max tyres. The alloy wheels design are from Plati Alloys!

Black Kia Seltos With 18-inch Alloys

Kia Seltos Alloy Wheels Image

We are making sure that you not only get a taste of different alloy wheel design but also a different shade of Seltos. We are doing that as to see how the colour and different alloy wheels gel with each other and improve aesthetics. This one right here is an 18-inch hyper silver alloy from Plati and gets wrapped in 245/50 R18 blue earth ae50 tyres.

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Kia Seltos 16-inch Alloy Wheels

Well, the list is now complete as we have shown you 16-inch to 20-inch aftermarket alloy wheels of Kia Seltos. We kept this one as a special one since this is one funky-looking chrome black alloy. They are the GTR-Pro series and wrapped in 215/60 R16 Kumho tyres.

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