Toyota Innova Hycross G Base Variant Will Only Be Sold To Fleet Owners

Toyota Innova Hycross G base variant will only be limited to the commercial market. The new Innova buyers will get an affordable premium cab option as well.

  • Innova Hycross base variant - G, will be offered only to fleet operators
  • It gets basic features like manual AC, steel wheels, & fabric upholstery
  • It will only get a petrol engine with CVT automatic gearbox - no hybrid

Toyota's new Innova is here. As the Hycross has debuted in India, it will be sold in multiple variants. However, if you're a fleet operator; there is a special offering. Toyota will be selling the base variant i.e. G-spec only among commercial owners. Read more details about it below.

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Innova Hycross G Variant Details

The Innova Crysta has been the utmost favorite of the Indian commercial market. Most of the premium cabs are found to be the Innova brand on the road. Additionally, the frugal diesel engine of Crysta has helped gain trust in the taxi market of India. However, Toyota understands the growing needs of the Indian taxi market. Hence, the base-spec G variant of Hycross will be limited to fleet owners.

Toyota Innova Hycross MPV

Meanwhile, speaking of the G-spec; it gets limited features considering the Hycross lineup. Toyota has equipped it with manual AC, fabric upholstery, steel wheels, etc. Additionally, the premium features like alloy wheels, Ottoman seats, ambient lights, etc., are not on offer. Meanwhile, features like dual-beam LED headlights, MID, LED taillights, etc. are offered as standard. The entertainment package includes the use of a 4-speaker sound system only.

Toyota Innova Hycross MPV

All of these minimalistic features make the G-spec more suitable for the taxi market. Hence, Toyota is offering it only to taxi owners. Additionally, the G-spec does not get a hybrid engine. Meanwhile, the new 2.0-lt petrol engine is offered on it. This engine makes a peak power of 174 bhp. Additionally, it only gets a CVT automatic gearbox option. No manual gearbox means it is pitched mainly for a more luxurious travel market. A petrol engine with such a huge chassis weight means less fuel economy. We feel it is not the best for taxi owners pan India. Meanwhile, its hybrid engine of it claims a staggering 21 kmpl. Hence, only selective luxury transport owners shall opt for it.


Toyota Hycross is going to be a game changer as per the company. Additionally, it gets a plethora of features that the segment has not seen until now. However, the base variant will only make sense to the fleet owners. Meanwhile, the Crysta is suspected to come back soon with its diesel engine. It caters majority of the taxi market, hence, the Crysta will remain more relevant among fleet owners.

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